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Join me for one of my online courses. It’s a great option if you want to learn in an affordable way while meeting new folks from all around the world. These courses are delivered live online, so that you can develop your singing from the comfort of your own home.


There are additional perks: all lessons are recorded and available for you to access in case you miss a session or want to revise it.


There are plenty of opportunities for individual feedback, a wealth of knowledge and practical learning. This might be the most fun and cost effective way of learning singing.


The most fun and cost effective way to learn.

Learn Vocal Technique

Vocal Freedom

Male singing student having an online lesson with a redheaded singing teacher with a title individual coaching.

Join me for this transformational programme that will give you the tools to develop quick and sustainable changes in your singing voice.

This is not another course where you simply run your repertoire and only briefly touch upon technique. Instead, we’ll dig deep into technical challenges affecting your voice. 

Estill singing teacher, Aleksandra Vocal Coach, giving a singing lesson online to a female student.

This course is a continuation of Vocal Freedom L1. We go even deeper exploring advanced vocal techniques, as well as vocal health and lifestyle.

Available only to those who completed Vocal Freedom Level I.

This course is a continuation of Vocal Freedom L2. We will explore various musical styles, what vocal effects characterise them and how to switch styles successfully. 

Available only to those who completed Vocal Freedom Level I and Level II.

Learn Artistry


Aleksandra Vocal Coach (Olandra) singing and playing the guitar at the Bedford in London.

This programme will give you specific tools to become a more authentic and compelling singer and artist by working on your ‘song-telling’.

You’ll reconnect with your creative source, learn how to make a song your own and let your story shine through.

Learn CRAFT and health

Voice in Shape

Redheaded Singer and Vocal Coach showing a singing technique with her arms up in the air flexing an exercise band in a masterclass situation in her home studio.

Feeling a bit rusty? Want to make sure your voice stays on top form?

Understand how to practice effectively and get better results. You’ll learn about vocal health and lifestyle. Discover practical exercises on how to keep your voice in shape. 

This course is devided into three parts: Vocal Practice, Health, Gym.

Learn Artistry


Have you been feeling a bit stuck vocally recently? Has the joy of singing evaporated? Are you looking for more freedom so that you can play with your voice?

Receive tools to get yourself out of a rut, reignite the joy of singing become an expressive and fearless creator.

Veronika says:

Aleksandra’s vocal courses were the best investment in my singing career! After every lesson I had a week to practice the new skills and then get direct feedback from Aleksandra. Working in a group was something I really enjoyed.

As singers we often spend most of our time practicing by ourselves, but group lessons on zoom every week have created a very nice community and I will definitely miss it.

I would recommend Aleksandra’s courses to anyone who wants to learn how to sing or expand their skills and knowledge.

Vivi says:

Aleksandra is an excellent vocal coach, an incredible singer and an amazing person. I have been taking lessons with her regularly for almost 2 years and I cannot put into words how happy I am to have found her. In her classes you feel like you can achieve anything with her tricks and tips that always allow you to discover different nuances and capabilities in your voice. Who knew singing into a cup of water through a tiny straw could help me reach those high notes!

She is able to understand your true vocal potential and doesn’t let you give up until you reach it. Her caring of her students and her passion for the subject shines all throughout her classes. Her uniqueness lies in her dedication to the detail in each exercise, her explanations about the importance of them and her different approach to embarking you on a complete music journey… voice, performance, storytelling and style appropriation & knowledge.

To highlight – the ease in which she allowed her students to adapt so smoothly to the current pandemic situation via virtual lessons continuing to give lessons with extreme attention to detail and feedback as though we were standing in the same room (I’m her student from France!). Thank you, Aleksandra!

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