Authentic Songtelling


Join me for this 5 week programme that will give you specific tools to become a more authentic and compelling singer by working on your ‘song-telling’.

Who is this course for? 

This course is for you if you answer ‘yes’ to any of these statements.

  • You’re uncertain how to combine technique with emotion. 
  • You don’t know how to sing songs in a way that feels unique.
  • You find yourself copying other singers.
  • You don’t know where to start when you begin working on a song.
  • You want to be authentic in performance, yet you fret sounding like a karaoke-singer… 
  • You want to be mindful of how to use your voice creatively and artistically.
  • You wish to tell your stories better and become an irresistible performer.

You’re simply frustrated as you’re not sure how to combine technique with emotion and let the story shine. You’re afraid of experimenting with songs and don’t have much confidence in creating your own interpretations. You simply want to be authentic and sing with true emotion, being able to truly connect with people and bring them together by the means of music.

Wanna hear a really great thing? It’s not a genre specific course. You’ll be able to apply the tools learnt in the course to any style. Regardless if you’re a pop or rock artist, musical theatre lover, jazz singer or maybe you write your own songs you will benefit from this course. You will learn how to deliver your material with more authenticity so that you can keep discovering it every time you practice and perform.

Why join now?

This course will be delivered online, so you can develop your singing from the comfort and safety of your own home. This short programme will help you become a more authentic musician by teaching you how to tell your stories better. There are additional perks: all lessons will be recorded and available for you to access in case you miss a session or want to revise it. You will meet new folks and learn in a supportive environment of like-minded singers from all around!

My experience 

I am a singer, singer-songwriter and vocal coach performing under the stage name Olandra. Not only do I understand vocal function but I’m a singer-songwriter myself; I know what’re going through as I’ve faced the same challenges as you. What is more, I am also a literature enthusiast with a BA in English Literature and I hold a Master’s Degree in Popular Music from Goldsmiths, University of London where I studied voice and songwriting. I trained in Estill Voice Model and Speech Level Singing and continue developing professionally. These techniques, alongside my 10+ years of performance experience, build the foundations of my practice. My clients say that I unlock their voices and help them get into the core of a song and deliver it in a truthful and unique way.

Why I created this course

I see a lot of singers who – despite having great vocal technique – sing their songs without putting their heart into it and not understanding what they’re singing about. The meaning of the song gets lost amongst fancy vocal runs and effects while the audience fails to be captivated. We can probably agree that having great technique without being able to deliver your story is not going to get you far. The good news is that artistry can be taught. Song interpretation tools will help you get to the heart of the story and grant you a clear understanding of what you’re singing about and how the song progresses in terms of the narrative and emotion. How can you sing with your heart if you don’t understand what you’re happy about or what you’re aching for? During our journey, you will discover that there can be a lot of freedom and fun in songtelling.

The good news is that artistry can be taught.
Discover how to become more creative and free in expressing yourself when singing.

What you will learn

1. Song’s Core.

  • Song interpretation: where to start?
  • How the interpretation influences a song’s mood, delivery and style.
  • Songwriting and structure: how they influence our storytelling.
    * During this session you will also choose a song you wish to work on throughout the course. 

2. Story and Your Unique Telling. 

  • Phrasing and tell your stories in a compelling way. Never sing on an autopilot again!
  • Articulation and diction: how they can help or obstruct your story’s meaning.
  • Decide on how you want to build your story and its development. 

3. Stylistic Choices. 

  • Identify the technical challenges of a song.
  • What voice qualities to choose in telling your story.
  • How voice effects can emphasise your interpretation and point of view.

4. Stage Presence and Performance.

  • How to perform your song in an authentic way.
  • How gesture and stage presence can influence performance.
  • Calming your nerves. 

5. Show Time.

  • During our last session we will take part in an online concert where you will have a chance to apply our learnings and perform a song to your course-mates.

We will discover all of that in a fun and supportive environment.
By the end of the course, you will become a more authentic and compelling singer.

Here’s how it works

  • Group Sessions.

    Every Thursday at 6pm GMT we will meet for a 90min live ZOOM session focusing on the weekly topic. You can – and will be encouraged – to actively participate in class! All sessions will be recorded in case you want to catch up in your own time. The group size is small so that I can offer you more individualised attention. Please note that the last session (performances and round-up) will be 60min.

  • Private Facebook Group.

    During the week, I support you via our private Facebook group named “Songtelling Society” where we share homework and I provide you with direct feedback. That’s also were you can share experiences with your new friends and collaborate! 
  • Individual Feedback.

    I offer personalised feedback on your singing via 2 video exchanges per week. This is a chance to test some ideas from the course or work on an excerpt of a song getting targeted developments that will accelerate your vocal development.


Date6PM GMT on Thursdays. 01/10/2020 start.
Duration 90min per session (except the last session which will be 60min)
Duration5 weeks
WhereLive on Zoom
Fees£139 (Early Bird), £179 (Normal Price)

Is this the course for you? I’ve designed this course with an artist’s budget in mind. This highly specific programme led LIVE in a small group setting is only £139 if booked before the 25th of September. Don’t wait, send me an email saying “I’m in” or get in touch if you have any further questions.

Please note that this course is non-refundable.



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Authentic Songtelling