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Welcome to this corner of the internet.

I’m Aleksandra.

Vocalist, songwriter, and music producer performing as Olandra. International voice coach and singing teacher. Estill Master Trainer Candidate. Literary scholar. Art Believer.

My mission is to help you develop your voice and artistry through expert vocal training and mentoring. You’ll learn to use your voice wisely and mindfully while growing your confidence, technique and style.

Together we’ll unlock your vocal potential.

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Before I discovered Estill Voice Training I tried to change and improve my sound by doing endless lip trills, experimenting and hoping for the best. It was as if I was trying to cook a dish adding random quantities of ingredients… EVT taught me the exact recipes I needed for my vocal success; ensuring I could recreate them again and again, on demand.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of singers and professional voice users unlock their vocal potential. Receive:

  • your personalised plan of development
  • a healthy, sustainable voice
  • vocal ease and power
  • a voice connected top to bottom
  • vocal health and rehabilitation
  • artist development coaching
  • song delivery and performance coaching
  • musical style and voice effects

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‘I don’t believe in

Vocal Coaching

I said when I was eighteen.

By then, I had been attending lessons whilst singing eagerly at home for over six years. I wanted to sing louder and higher, to achieve that powerful mysterious “mix” some of my tutors were referring to. Yet my voice would break and I would feel a lump in my throat trying to go for these higher notes.

I became disconcerted by crazy expensive voice lessons after which I would see little improvement…

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    Estill Voice Training - a science-based system of voice training that identifies the structures in the larynx responsible for producing voice and those in the vocal tract engaged in controlling resonance and voice quality. Using simple everyday sounds common to everyone, these structures are identified, isolated and then used to develop conscious, voluntary and predictable control of the voice. Our motto is: “Everyone has a beautiful voice”.
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