Individual Coaching

It's all about you.

I’ll want to know you and your voice, hear about your singing dreams and then… make them reality. I will quickly identify what you need to take your voice, singing and performing skills to the next level.

What to Expect?

The aim is simple: to develop your perfect sound whilst maintaining a healthy and most effective vocal function through highly focused and effective voice sessions. I will offer you the technical and creative tools to discover your voice’s true potential.

With a strong voice science and technical knowledge backbone as well as a big “voice solving problems toolkit” I have a holistic approach to singing. I believe that working with the voice is as much a physical as a spiritual act. Singing scales and practicing technical movements gets us only so far.

During our voice sessions, I encourage the atmosphere of curiosity and prove that any voice can be developed. I show you what works well in your voice and celebrate it. Then we make it even better.

Let’s Work Together !

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Free Call

Initial Discovery Chat
£ FREE One Time Only
  • 15 min call
  • Voice Evaluation
  • Limited availability!

Consultation Details:

Your free initial consultation. We chat about your vocal dreams, goals and background.

You’ll get a voice evaluation in terms of function and performance. We’ll see where you are now and map out a plan of action to get you where you want to be vocally.

Redheaded singer and vocal coach smiling to the camera while being in her voice studio; with a red piano and monitors.

Laser Session

One-Off Lesson
£ 70
1 x 55min Session
  • 55 min call
  • xxx
  • Limited availability!

Session Details:

If you have a last minute audition, recording session or a very specific need, the laser session might be the option for you.

Please note that I usually work in blocks of time (5 sessions) as it takes time for the voice to develop.

Professional Singer Aleksandra Vocal Coach singing in London.

Exceptional Singer

Whole Training Package
£ 320
5 x 55min Session + more!
  • 5 sessions of 55min
  • Weekly Video Support
  • Sessions held weekly or bi-weekly.

Package Details:

Commit to weekly sessions and observe the progress you make with every meeting. You’ll see that each session brings you closer to the singer you wish to become.

I offer the additional benefit of video support, free of charge, between sessions to get you motivated and accelerate your learning. 

Are you Ready?

Learn your Craft

Get your personalised plan of development and experience a voice that is:

  • ready for these money notes!
  • expressive and free to channel emotions
  • responsive throughout the whole range
  • confident and powerful
  • agile and flexible
  • able to show various colours and switch style
  • authentic and beautiful
  • healthy, effortless and sustainable

Learn Artistry

  • artist development coaching
  • song delivery and performance coaching
  • recording studio and tour preparation
  • explore various musical styles
  • from breathy voice to growling – experience voice effects
  • learn how to be present in the moment and enchant your audience
  • connect with your source and find the true joy in singing


I teach some of the same techniques that legends like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Regina Spektor, Florence&the Machine use. I coach with techniques used at the West End and Broadway.

I created my own methodology from some of the best voice techniques in the world Estill Voice Training, Modern Vocal Training, Complete Vocal Technique and Bel Canto. I believe in a holistic way of working with a client. I am a great believer of the positive psychology, growth mindset, power of practice, and mindfulness.

Do you want to know more? 

 Why Develop Your Voice?

We use our voice to communicate and express emotions. As such, I deeply believe that finding your own, unique voice and developing it can be one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences.
In the end, it’s our voice that makes us who we are.

Let me offer you my attention and skills and become your dedicated and supportive mentor.
Together we’ll set off to explore your authentic voice that knows no limits.

Meet me for your Free Discovery Call

Book a 20 minute free call with my professional guidance.

You’ll get a voice evaluation in terms of function and performance.
We’ll see where you are now and map out a plan of action to get you where you want to be vocally.

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