Terms and conditions

This site and the services offered are provided by Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio, trading as Aleksandra Vocal Coach, and subject to the following terms and conditions. Please review them regularly for changes. If you do not agree to these terms or our Privacy Policy, do not use this site or any services offered.

1. Data Protection

1.1 Your personal details will be held in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be accessible only by Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio.
1.2 In order to process your payment you might be asked to provide your full name, address, bank details, email address, telephone number.
1.3 Our use of any personal information supplied by users of this site is governed by our privacy policy. Please check our privacy policy for more details.

2. Services

2.1 Lessons will be 55 min as stated upon booking. Please arrive promptly for your lesson, whether in person or online. Late arrival will mean you will not get your full lesson time due to client changeover.
2.2 Once a person has used the services of Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio, ie a vocal session or course, Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio then has the right to say that the client had worked with them for any marketing purposes needed.
2.3 All lessons must be paid for in advance within 24 hours of booking or the session will be released again.
2.4 Pictures or recordings might be taken during courses or 1:1 sessions for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be included in recordings or pictures please state that clearly when asked to use the material.

3. Liability

3.1 Whilst Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio strives to do the best for each client, there is no guarantee of improvement for a clients singing ability.
3.2 The Client must disclose any medical issues during the first lesson.
3.3 By participating in the lessons, purchasing any of the products from Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio website or using other information provided on the website, the client agrees to take all responsibility for their voice. Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio will not be liable to you, the client, for any pain, injury or vocal damage brought about during exercises from or following lessons.
3.4 By Using any information including courses, video content or lessons provided by Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio, the client does so at their own risk.
3.5 Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio is not qualified to give medical advice. However, the client will be given contact details of a Voice specialist (ENT) and other health specialists if needed.
3.6 In any case where Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio is shown to have been in breach of contract and or to have been negligent, the liability shall be limited to the value of the lesson or lessons purchased or the sum of £1,000, whichever is greater.
3.7 Our liability, and the liability of our third party suppliers, for any loss or damage suffered by you as the result of your use of this site is limited to your actual direct damages and, except in the case of fraud, excludes any loss of future earnings, profit or prospects or any consequential or speculative loss. As required by law, this exclusion does not extend to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

4. Cancellation and Refunds

4.1 There is a 48-hour cancellation policy on lessons. All lessons cancelled or changed within 48 hours will not be refunded. This applies to online lessons or lessons bought within a Package. In order to be respectful of your fellow clients, please contact us as soon as you know you will not be able to make your session.
4.2 No refunds will be made for missed lessons, regardless of circumstance.
4.3 Within a vocal package, failure to turn up or respect the cancellation policy counts as one full lesson.
4.4 Lesson can be bought in lesson packages. Usually 5 lesson packages, as well as special lesson package offers. A lesson package can be refunded if it has not be used and the package has not been started. However once the package has started there can be no refunds. These packages must be used within 12 months of purchase. When started, the sessions are either weekly or bi-weekly.
4.5 Should Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio cancel a session, no charge will be made. Pre-paid sessions can be carried forward to another date or refunded in full.
4.6 In the event of the Customer cancelling the course (online and offline) fee shall be refunded as follows:

  • Cancellation up to 21 days in advance, you will receive a full refund, minus 10% administration fee.
  • Cancellation of 8 to 20 days beforehand, you will receive a 50% refund.
  • Cancellation of 7 days or less, you will not be refunded.

4.7 Should Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio cancel an event for whatever reason all paid up registrants will receive a full refund within 14 days of notification of the canceled event. Refunds will be made using the original form of payment. Example: If paid by Paypal, refund will be via Paypal. It may be possible to transfer an event fee to a different event/date/time if there are places available.
4.8 In exceptional circumstances such as illness or unavailability due to bereavement or other commitments, actual or potential conflict of interest, or other reasons, Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio can decide to terminate the lessons to the client early or refuse to provide further lessons to the client. In such circumstance, the client will be given reasonable notice of termination by Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio where practicable, and the client will be refunded any advanced payments for lessons not yet provided.

5. Use of the Site 

5.1 The information and services available on the site are provided for the sole purpose of individuals looking for information about our services and/or to purchase courses. 
5.2 You may use, print and download information from the site for these purposes only and for no other personal or commercial purpose. You may not otherwise copy, display, transmit or distribute any material from the site.

6. Copyright

6.1 All media materials, presentation slides, physical paper handouts etc. obtained from attending any course, workshop or 1:1 session are copyrighted by Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio and/or those person(s) organisation(s) that have provided them and cannot be reproduced in any form without the consent of those mentioned in this statement.
6.2 Recordings of any sort including sound, video and photographic obtained from attending any course, workshop or 1:1 session are copyrighted by Aleksandra Woźniak Voice Arts Studio. If you are given permission to make any recordings it is assumed, they will be for your personal use only and must not be shared, or uploaded to web-based media without consent.

7. Complaints and Feedback

7.1 If you have any complaints about any aspect of the website, if you have any questions, or would otherwise like to provide any other feedback, then you can contact us by writing to [email protected].

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