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Royal Posture

Discover how to speak and sing with less fatigue and effort so that you can sustain your voice throughout the day.


Happy Belt

Learn how to belt/shout powerfully and with no strain by following these few steps!


Clear? Breathy?

“Hallelujah”: Learn to control your breath for efficiency and style!


Improve Your Storytelling

Learn how to sing in a more authentic way and make your audience really connected to your story using my Waves Technique.



Check this physical warm-up routine designed to prepare your body for singing.

Before starting: notice and assess how your body feels today. When you finish this warm-up: notice how your body feels afterwards. I went from stressed and tired to fairly relaxed. What has changed for you?


Long Consonants

Adele’s ‘Skyfall’: sing like a pro with my long consonants technique

Sing with more clarity, precision and smoothness using my long consonants technique.

Watch & Learn to sing a song with me

Learn with me


I hope this analysis and step by step explanation helps you to refine your understanding of the song, ways to approach it and improve your vocal technique.


Contemporary Musical Theatre 0:05
Remember about your Acting
Register and Voice Tone Changes (1st Chorus)

How to Sing High Without Pushing (2nd Chorus) 7:53
Support and Energy
The Secret to Master High Notes 
Emotions and Transitions

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