Professional Experience

Well Hello There!

I’m a singer, songwriter, and music producer performing as Olandra.

Vocal Instructor and Mentor.

Art Believer.

Estill Master Trainer Candidate.

 Modern Vocal Training Instructor.

I’m a seasoned performer. I toured extensively in Europe and the UK (including various renowned London venues such as the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, The Bedford, The Troubadour, POSK Jazz Cafe with my original music). I independently released my debut EP Look Out and took part in Sofar Sounds Concerts.

I write, arrange, record and produce original music.

I worked as a session musician (British Council, Fender), created music for TV and games (EMI Production Music, Capsule Studio). I regularly played with many independent London artists (Maddy Rose, Unitron 1.2, Yoji). I wrote music for theatre plays like Metamorphoses 2, inspired by Ovid played in Waterloo in London.

I was employed by Hackney Road Studios as a sound engineer where I assisted and worked with Mikko Gordon (producer and sound engineer for Thom York of Radiohead).

This means I have valuable experience working on both sides of the control room:

as a sound-engineer, producer, performer. I’m also an avid reader and will gladly lose myself in

a discussion on the meaning of song lyrics or how to get to a song’s core.


I hold a Master’s Degree in Popular Music from the prestigious Goldsmiths, University of London (alma mater to James Blake, Damon Albarn).

I studied songwriting, studio engineering and music production at Manchester Metropolitan University.  I’m also a literary scholar and phonetics expert who graduated from the English Literature and Linguistics Department at University of Warsaw.

Voice Coaching Experience and Methodology

I have been working with the Estill Voice Model for 7 years. I am now in my third year of obtaining the Estill Master Trainer certification in this science-based voice teaching method. I am mentored by Anne-Marie Speed (West End coach, head of music at the Royal Academy of Music). I hold the Estill Figure Proficiency certificate. Estill gives me a deep understanding of how the voice works and assists my clients in maintaining the most effective voice function.

I am also a certified Modern Vocal Training Instructor. At MVT we use tools based on Speech Level Singing, the training method that was used by singers like Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Leona Lewis.  MVT helps me develop my voice pedagogy and artist development skills while introducing me to the newest voice research. Thanks to this organisation, I’m part of the network of world-renown voice coaches. 

Over 20 Singing Certificates laid on a floor - Estill Voice Training, Modern Vocal Coaching, Vocology in Practice, Vocal Process that Aleksandra Vocal Coach attended.

Continuing Professional Development

I love developing my knowledge and I learn from experts of various fields of voice science, performance, pedagogy and health such as Tom Burke, Greg Enriquez, Ken Bozeman, Gillyanne Kayes, Line Hilton, Jenevora Williams, to name a few. I’m also passionate about artist development and had the pleasure of learning from renowned voice coaches like Wendy Parr (Regina Spektor) and Mama Jan Smith (Justin Bieber) in this area.

I regularly attend professional conferences and workshops for voice teachers such as Vocology in Practice, World Voice Teacher’s Expo. I’m a passionate voice geek always curious to learn more! Instead of sticking with one voice pedagogy, I believe it’s best to draw from various voice techniques, including Complete Vocal Training, IVA, and Bel Canto.

In my voice coaching career, I worked with hundreds of happy singers.

In addition to leading my busy online studio and being a freelance musician, I am also a tutor at City Academy in London and had worked at Spotlights Theatre School.

Music and Art Events

I love supporting new talent and so I regularly put on events that support young promising artists. I’m the founder of Fusion of Arts in Camden Town, Apples&Pears Open Mic in Brick Lane (London) and Praski Wieczorek Artystyczny, and Styk Sztuk (Warsaw).

Having such a broad experience in multiple branches of the music industry, I can offer you the bespoke tuition that will be tailored to your needs.

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