This one thing has TRANSFORMED my voice: Estill.

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The Myths

There was a time when I was taught that I needed to take a big breath to ‘support’ my sound. I would take a massive breath before a high note, push the breath and hope for the best. My throat would hurt and I would end up coughing… I would ‘train my diaphragm’ by doing crunches. I would listen to my teachers coming up with statements like ‘sing as if there is a big opening at the back of your throat’ and – having had no idea what they meant – I’d flatten and retract my tongue…  

I look back at these instructions now – with my current knowledge about the voice science and pedagogy – and I can say only one thing: ‘ouch‘. 

My own singing education was full of misunderstandings, misconceptions and vague ideas. It was as if trying to cook my favourite apple pie by adding random quantities of ingredients each time I was making it and hoping for the best… 

The Revelation

I lost my belief in singing teachers as there seemed to be a brick wall that I could not get past in my vocal development. Then I discovered that one thing that transformed my singing and life. Estill Voice Training. It taught me the exact recipes needed for my vocal success – making sure I can recreate the desired vocal effect again and again, on demand. This way, the apple pie turns out delicious every time. Okay, culinary comparisons aside… I hear you. I’ve been there.

Estill Voice Training helped me make instant and sustainable changes in my voice within days that other teachers had been trying to teach me – with no success – for years. It changed my life.

Let me introduce you to Estill Voice Training and explain what all this fuss is about. 

Estill singing teacher giving a singing lesson online to a female student.

Estill Voice Training

Estill Voice Training was created by Jo Estill, a voice researcher, scientist, educator and singer.  She revolutionised the way of how we think about the voice and transformed vocal pedagogy. Many methods and systems still benefit from the genius of its creator and Estill’s discoveries. EVT is complementary to any kind of singing or acting style, speaking and is used in voice rehabilitation.

Using simple everyday sounds common to everyone, Estill Vocal Training teaches isolated control of individual anatomical structures within the voice production system. These are identified, so that you can develop conscious, voluntary and predictable control of the voice. 

Think about it. (Culinary references are coming…) If you have your favourite soup being a voice quality and know the recipe of how to create that soup, you’ll be able to make it again and again on demand. Estill makes voice production predictable and the practice focused and effective. This way the progress becomes measurable… and inevitable! 

I want to give you the knowledge of how the voice works, so that you can be independent and become your own tutor. Based on years of research. EVT gives you access to your whole instrument and allows you to express yourself without technical limitations.

Good news is, that there is no aesthetic bias in EVT; meaning this is not a style specific training, so nothing is imposed. We believe that all voice qualities are acceptable as long as they are safe to perform. Your vocal health is our priority. I deeply believe that any voice can be developed with practice.

Remember that everyone has a beautiful voice that is worthy of exploring and nourishing.

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