Vocal Freedom



The most transformational vocal technique course!


Join me for this transformational 6 week programme that will give you the tools to develop quick and sustainable changes in your singing voice.

This is not another course where you simply run your repertoire and only briefly touch upon technique. Instead, we’ll dig deep into technical challenges affecting your voice. 

When you book your next gig, you’ll be more ready than ever. 

If you answer Yes!

to any of these questions…

  • You’re afraid your voice is not reliable in all situations.
  • You’re not sure if you’re using your voice in a healthy, sustainable way.
  • You feel like you have two separate voices and lack the bit in the middle.
  • You want your voice to be clear, yet it lacks power.
  • You have trouble managing your breath.
  • You fret ‘cracking’ or ‘flipping’ in the middle of the song or pushing that high note.
  • By the end of your practice/gig your voice is hoarse or strained.
  • You want more variety in your singing and to find different colours of your voice.

… this course is for You!

What to expect?

I’m not the first teacher to promise you great results.
Let’s talk about what to actually expect when you go through the process of Vocal Freedom

If you’re an advanced singer, you might recognize some of the concepts we will cover.
That’s great as it will be your chance to go deeper and explore your craft further than ever, exploring transformational techniques you might not have encountered before.
If you’re beginning your singing journey, you should see incredible results within these 6 weeks
as you’ll learn specific methods to overcome the technical challenges you face. 

Whether you’re frustrated that you cannot express yourself fully because of technical difficulties…
or you want your voice to be more reliable and become a better singer
with a good understanding of your instrument, this course is for you.

Why join now?

This course will be delivered online, so you can work on your singing from the safety and comfort of your own home. Invest in your skills now and get ready for your next gigs when everything picks up again. 

There are additional perks: all lessons will be recorded and available for you to access in case you miss a session or want to revise it.

You will meet new folks and learn in a supportive environment
of like-minded singers from all around!

‘(…) I started taking ‘Vocal Freedom’ course. Within just a few weeks, I felt a huge improvement. Aleksandra’s focus on teaching technique and helping us to understand the mechanics of the voice before applying them has transformed the way I approach singing. Now, when I try a new song, I feel a greater emotional depth when singing, simply by applying Aleksandra’s advice.’ 



My experience

I am a singer, singer-songwriter and music producer performing under the stage name Olandra. I hold a Master’s Degree in Popular Music from Goldsmiths, University of London and also studied Music at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I am an Estill Master Trainer Candidate and Modern Vocal Training Instructor. 

These techniques, alongside my 10+ years performance experience, build the foundations of my practice. My clients say that I help them unlock parts of their voice they haven’t known existed before.
All of that in a safe and fun environment.

Why I created this course?

I know where you’re coming from. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and considered myself a ‘natural singer’. I didn’t understand much about what I was doing or how to take care of my voice.

My voice would give up on me trying to sing higher notes, I’d end up pushing and straining. My low notes used to lack energy. I would ‘flip’ when I didn’t want to. I used to run out of breath. I would end up with a tired, hoarse voice by the end of performances.

Over the years of training as both a performer and vocal coach, I developed the understanding of
my instrument that allowed me to tap into the true potential of my voice.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course you will gain
a better knowledge of your instrument, understand voice production foundations, get practical devices to overcome your voice issues. Most of all, you’ll become a more mindful and independent singer.

Expect fun and supportive environment




Vocal Ease

  • Learn to let go of tension sabotaging your singing with relaxation techniques.
  • Maximise your alignment to decrease your effort in singing.
  • Warm-up faster and more efficiently. Effectively cool down to prevent vocal injury.


Vocal Unity

  • Learn to connect your voice top to bottom by exploring voice registers.
  • Sing without ‘pushing’ or ‘flipping’ by gaining awareness and control of your vocal effort.
  • Reach higher notes with less work.


Vocal Power

  • ‘Support’ the sound and never be confused by this word again.
  • Breathe freely by exploring the breathing mechanism.
  • Release the volume of your voice by understanding more about resonance.


Vocal Colour

  • Learn to lighten or darken your timbre with manipulating the vocal tract.
  • Explore simple voice effects that will bring more variety to your singing.
  • Play with your voice by exploring different voice qualities.

‘Aleksandra’s vocal courses were the best investment in my singing career! During the courses I was able to focus on many different subjects that always interested me as a singer and go in depth with each one.

After every lesson I had a week to practice new skills and then get direct feedback from Aleksandra. As singers we often spend most of our time practicing by ourselves, but group lessons on zoom every week have created a very nice community and I will definitely miss it. I would recommend Aleksandra’s courses to anyone who wants to learn how to sing or expand their skills and knowledge – beginners, intermediate and advanced!’


‘I LOVED the Vocal Freedom course!

 Through Aleksandra and this course I learnt so many tips and tricks, things I didn’t even know I needed to focus on that ended up making the biggest difference to my performances.

Aleks is such a sweet person, she makes you feel so comfortable as a teacher. Honestly, the lessons were one of the main highlights of my week!’ 


How it works

Group Sessions.
Every Thursday at 7PM (London time) we meet for a 90min session focusing on the topic of the week.  There’s a theoretical bit, practical application and we finish it off by singing a fragment of a song! All sessions will be recorded so that you can catch up in your own time in case you can’t make all meetings or want to revise.

Private Facebook Group.
During the week, I support you via our private Facebook. That’s also were you can share experiences with your course mates and collaborate!

Individual Feedback.
I offer personalised feedback on your singing not only in class but also via a personalised video feedback during the week. This is your chance to test some ideas from the course or work on an excerpt of a song. You will  get a targeted feedback that will accelerate your vocal development.


£169Early Bird Price

Valid only until 06/03/2022!

£199 – Regular Price

Please note that this course is non-refundable.


Vocal Freedom 2022

DateThursday, 7PM London 
24/03/2022 – 28/04/2022
Weeks6 weeks
Duration90min each session
WhereLive Online on Zoom

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I’ve designed this course with an artist’s budget in mind. This highly technical course led LIVE in a small group setting is only £169 if you book before midnight on the 6th of March.

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